Cardiac Imaging Training

This website has a straightforward and quite simple objective: to be a portal to facilitate training in cardiac imaging for those radiologists who seek it. The philosopher Gilbert Ryle has made the distinction between "know that" from "know how." For radiology to participate in the future growth of cardiac imaging services, it must move beyond "know that" and acquire the "know how" of actually performing such studies. This involves a body of tacit knowledge, which can only be acquired through hands-on training and actual performance of these studies using MR and CT. This website lists, describes, and will eventually evaluate training sites that can provide this type of direct, hands-on experience. SCARD hopes you will find it useful in your endeavor to expand your professional capabilities into cardiac imaging.

Institution(s) 1 to 14 of 14
Institution (Click for Details) Director Region Cardiac MR Cardiac CT Rating CME CT Manufacturer MR Manufacturer
Baylor (St. Luke's Hosp.)   Scott D. Flamm, MD Midwest Yes Yes
Yes Siemens Philips
Cleveland Clinic Richard D. White, MD Midwest Yes Yes
No Siemens Siemens
Lenox Hill Hospital Steven D. Wolff, MD, PhD East Yes Yes
Mallinckrodt Inst. of Radiology Pamela K. Woodard, MD Midwest Yes Yes
Yes Siemens Siemens
Mayo Clinic Paul R. Julsrud, MD Midwest Yes Yes
Yes GE/Siemens GE
Med. U. of So. Carolina Bayne Selby, MD Southeast No Yes
Yes Siemens N/A
New York University Jill E. Jacobs, M.D. East Yes Yes
Yes Siemens Siemens
Northwestern University James Carr, MB, BGh, BAO Midwest Yes Yes
No Siemens/GE Siemens
Shands-Jacksonville Norbert Wilke, MD Southeast Yes Yes
Yes Siemens Siemens
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Ethan J. Halpern, M.D. East No Yes
Yes Philips Philips
U. of Michigan Ella Kazerooni, MD Midwest No Yes
No GE Philips
UCLA Paul Finn, MD West Yes Yes
No Siemens Siemens
UCSF David Saloner, MD West Yes No
Univ. of Pennsylvania Medical Ctr Harold Litt, MD, PhD East Yes Yes
No Siemens Siemens